Combination of proven and innovative

Market requirements for financial service companies are rapidly changing and require various perspectives to ensure stable and profitable growth.
Together with our experts you will find and develop perfectly individualized solutions, which match your business needs and ensure competitive advantages. Technology competences, innovative methods, high security attributes combined together, will be a key factor for your success.

We have proven experience in the combination of standard products and individual developments based on open source or common standards. This unique combination enables the continuous improvement of your business systems and reduces risks by keeping reliable and perfectly components in place, while replacing under-performing process elements, step by step.

Solutions samples for financial industries:

ILOGS-AMCORE – Asset and Client Tracking (tax amnesties, short term changes of compliance requirements, other changes in market conditions)
Community Affairs Management and Reporting
Business Process and Rules Management
Asset Securing and Monitoring


SEPIA Audit Software

The world’s most innovative self-audit system. The new generation of risk management software makes it possible for the first time to actually identify risks at an early stage and to significantly simplify communication between bank and customer. The result is better control and an immediate improvement in business relations

SMT Security Architecture

SMT makes the mastery of all safety-related requirements and compliance with control processes transparent and controllable. Safety as it should be.