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Healthcare and social care businesses are challenged. Demographics result in higher demands whilst costs have to stay at least stable. In parallel, research and industry efforts result in more and more specialication of therapies and medications. All those trends require new reforms and increase costs and competitive pressures on clinics, insurance and communities.

With over 100.000 cared clients MOCCA from ilogs is a market leading solution for social care and health care organizations.

ilogs supports healthcare organizations in the implementation and organization of electronic business processes. Together we help organizations to be even more successful in the efficient handling and management of electronic case and care management and ensure that cost efficient organizations even better care about their clients.



Active Assisted Living

James is part of the AAL family in the field of healthcare.
The new product line currently includes the Safety Watch and vital and smart home sensors for older adults living at home or in sheltered homes.


The modern eHealth platform for caregivers!

ILOGS follows a clear strategy for the product MOCCA:
Only one IT platform in order to adapt to, and manage ongoing challenges for stationary and mobile care.

JAMES Sicherheitsuhr

The digital guardian angel

While growing older, the number of people who suffer from several diseases simultaneously increases. The fear of losing independency and the ability to provide for themselves is an issue. What people are looking for is a smart solution for more security and supporting independence.



Medea enables and accelerates the flow of information between primary care and the hospital. Emergencies rely heavily on safe and complete communication between all involved parties.


Standardisierte Fachsprache und Klassifikationssystem

ENP steht für European Nursing care Pathways. Sie ist eine Pflegefachsprache und entstanden aus dem Bedarf an geeigneten praxisorientierten und sektorenübergreifenden Kommunikationsinstrumenten zur Beschreibung der Pflegesituation.