Since our foundation in 2000, we develop specialized software applications which are used by over 500 customers worldwide. In a world where your customers and employees expect compelling digital interaction and agility, efficiency and compliance are key concepts.
Consistent design and maximum reliability and security are the basic prerequisites for the success of our solutions.
With more than 100 employees at 5 locations and customers in more than 30 countries, ILOGS Software develops solutions and trendsetting technologies. We rely on the combination of proven development methods, expert knowledge and the best technological know-how is our basis for your success.

"We provide state of the art software and services to help our clients expanding new business while keeping risk under control. Seamless digitalization and continuous improvement of business processes is our key to your success."


Parking and Mobility Solutions

The ParkingHQ© suite provides comprehensive business benefits for all aspects of mobility and parking. Parking Operators, Airports, Mobility Service Providers, Manufacturers and Communities can easily plug-in and make use of mobility services.

Business Process and Workflow Management

With a strong focus on financial industries, ILOGS offers comprehensive services in the development and management of IT solutions. With a clear focus on risk and compliance solutions, SEPIA is a revolutionary new approach to manage financial risks in the wholesale financing segment

Mobile Workforce Solutions

New approaches in case management or support for mobile employees – mobility and seamless digital support can be perfectly supported with our MONA solutions.

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