ParkingHQ Suite – ECommerce business becomes efficiently possible

ParkingHQ Suite is the most comprehensive, vendor-independent end-to-end eCommerce and back-office solution for parking operators on the market.

At ILOGS, we have come a long way in understanding the real needs of parking operators when it comes to eCommerce: first, easy-to-use smartphone apps and websites, with clearly presented parking information and user functions. Second, a number of innovative eCommerce applications such as PreBooking, long-term parking or multi-function cards, complemented by secure online and mobile payment methods. And third, a number of efficiency-enhancing back-office modules, combined in a single, web-based administration portal. To make the picture complete, we’ve built in our field-proven expertise in business process management and workflow. ParkingHQ is the only solution on the market that allows business processes to be customized to each parking operator based on best-practice processes.